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600 square feet

The project is located in Whampoa Garden and is a diamond-shaped unit. After communicating with the tenants, the designer created an open kitchen to increase the living room space. It makes the space more spacious.

The TV cabinet uses triangular design to straighten the original sloping TV wall, so as to maintain the level when watching TV, and the back of the cabinet can be used for storage space.

In addition, the owner made a room into a closet and raised the floor to increase the storage space.

今次項目位於黃埔花園為鑽石型單位, 設計師跟戶主溝通後, 為了增加客廳空間, 特別造了開放式廚房. 令空間更見廣闊.

電視櫃運用了三角設計, 令原有斜面電視牆拉直, 保持了看電視時的水平, 櫃背能做到儲物空間.

​另外戶主將一間房間做成衣帽間, 升高地台令儲物空間大大提升.

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