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500 square feet

This unit is designed in Scandinavian style to create a simple and warm living space. Wood, gray and white are the main elements of the space, and the designer has boldly used geometric elements to add to the characteristics of the unit.

Removing the kitchen wall and replacing it with a half-glass partition makes the living room and kitchen space more open and spacious.

今次單位以北歐風格為設計方向, 打造一個簡約溫暖的生活空間. 運用了木,灰,白色為空間主要元素, 設計師更大膽地運用了幾合元素,增添了單位的特色.

​移除廚房牆身, 改成半玻璃間格, 令客廳及廚房空間一體, 更開放寬敞.

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