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725 square feet

The owner prefers a natural and simple wood design, so the designer used wood as the main color, with white and plants to make the space simple and natural.In order to improve the lighting and spaciousness of the living room, the designer changed the original kitchen layout by creating a frosted glass door and wall.In order to increase the activity space, the main room and two rooms were opened into one large space, which is a combination of sleeping room, leisure and office,

A movable screen was added to the study, so that if a guest needs to stay overnight, the screen can be pulled out to become a separate room.

戶主偏好自然簡約林木設計, 設計師今次以木色為主調, 配上白色及植物令空間變得簡約自然.

客廳部份為了使採光度和空間感提升, 設計師將原有廚房間格作出了改動, 造了磨沙玻璃趟門及牆身.

戶主是2人居住, 所以為了增加活動空間, 主房及2間房間同時打通成一個大空間, 集睡房休閒辦公於一身,

書房位置加了活動屏風, 如有客人需要留宿將屏風拉出就是一個獨立房間了.

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