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Laguna Verde


1500 square feet

This unit is located in Laguna Verde, Hung Hom. The designer has created a simple yet gorgeous home for the owner, using beige and golden steel with stone to create the entire living room. Comfortable and gorgeous. The foyer is divided by a screen, and since the owner likes to entertain friends, the designer made a bar area where friends can drink and talk when they visit.

In addition, the owner has the habit of reading, so the designer made a small area for the owner to read books in his spare time.

今次單位位於紅磡海逸豪園, 設計師為戶主打造了一個簡約而又華麗的家, 用上米白色和金色鋼材配上石材營造了整個客廳的感覺. 舒適又華麗. 玄關位置做了屏風區分, 由於戶主喜歡招待朋友, 設計師打做了一個酒吧區域, 朋友到訪時可於酒吧區把酒談歡.

另外, 戶主有閱讀習慣, 梳化背做了一個小區域方便戶主空閒時閱讀書本.

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