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790 square feet

In this unit, the designer used gray, dark wood and gray mirror to bring a stylish home.

The living room TV wall and the concealed door of the corridor are designed with geometric design and gray mirror to create visual effect, which becomes the focus of the whole house. 

The main room is decorated with light wood and white, and the back of the wall is decorated with geometric wallpaper as a continuation of the feature wall in the living room.

今次單位, 設計師為戶主以灰色, 深木及灰鏡帶來時尚家居.

客廳電視牆及走廊暗門用了幾何設計配上灰鏡去營造視覺效果, 成為全屋焦點所在.

主房以淺木, 白色作主調, 牆背位置用上幾何圖案牆紙, 作為與客廳特色牆之延續.

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