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1,300 square feet

The owner is fond of black/white/gray elements, and the designer used a simple style with stone to create a stylized home.

Due to the height of the floor, the designer designed a loft space in the living room for the male owner to relax. The wall of the main room was changed to create a closet for the male, making the space more practical.

戶主鍾情於黑.白.灰色元素, 設計師配合戶主要求, 整個設計以簡約風格配合石材打造型格家居.

​由於樓底高, 設計師於客廳位置設計了一個閣樓空間作為男戶主休閒之用. 主房空間間格牆身改動後, 戶主多出一個衣帽間, 令空間更加實用.

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